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10 Promises

Our 10 promises 


It is essential that our children acquire the skills that they need to succeed as they move onto secondary education. However, at Ongar Primary School, these are not the only things that we value. Our aim is to create memorable experiences that the children will remember. These experiences extend beyond the school trips and the broad curriculums we continue to aim to deliver. We believe that every child that joins us in Early Years is entitled to these memorable experiences and so we make our 10 promises to them. Each year, as the children complete one of their experiences, they will fill out their ’10 promises’ passport that will move on with them through their journey from Early Years to Year 6. 

Our 10 promises are: 

  • Tucked in with Nature  -This is covered by Year 5 and Year 6 residentials 

  • Harvest a Feast 

  • Ride a large animal 

  • Treasure the Theatre 

  • Charity Crusader 

  • Outside at the Seaside 

  • Local Hero 

  • Water Adventure 

  • Beyond Ongar 

  • Be an Artist 


So that all our children are able to complete our 10 promises, we have created a cycle plan which will ensure that the children are able to complete them by the time they leave Ongar Primary School. 

10 Promises Overview

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