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Creative Maths


Think of the famous board game Monopoly where you buy and earn money as you go around the board. Today's task is to make a game linked to winning items.


1. You need to label some items with amounts of money - i.e toys or sweets

2. Draw your own game, with some amounts to land on to get money or places where you have to give money. Every player starts with 10 coins (buttons, pasta etc..) Use a dice and take turns. The winner is the one who has the most assets (money, toys etc..) at the end of the game.


Instead of making a board game you can also make a target game out of smaller boxes sitting in larger boxes, target dots - numbers on the wall, washing baskets etc... Throw a rolled up sock or ball at the target - add up points and give out coins i.e 5 coins for getting it in the middle box, 2 coins for the middle sized box and 1 coin if you miss.


Have fun and remember to take some pictures.

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