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Wednesday January 6th

LO To change 'y' to an 'i' and add 'ed'


Now yesterday there was a little trick in the work.

When a word ends in ‘y’ and you want to add ‘-ed’, look at the letter immediately before the ‘y’. If it is a consonant, you must change the ‘y’ to an ‘i’ and then add ‘-ed’. If it is a vowel, just add ‘-ed


Vowels are:  a   e   i    o   u  



play --->played                              worry ---> worried               

enjoy --->enjoyed                          marry ---> married


Today you are practicing changing words that end in 'y' to past tense.

If the letter before the 'y' is a consonant then change the 'y' to an 'i' and add 'ed'

If the letter before they 'y' is a vowel leave the 'y' and add 'ed'.


Watch my video below where I practice using the rule and complete the work on paper on in your workbook.  Read all the words then write them carefully. 

Adding 'ed' to words ending in 'y'

Still image for this video

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