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Year 2

Year 2



Stage 1

These are suggested tasks and other completed tasks that fit into a category are more than welcome!

Stage 2

These are suggested tasks and other completed tasks that fit into a category are more than welcome!


Find out the currency of a different country.

Take a trip to the seaside or walk by a river and write down how we can look after them.

Draw the flag of a country that begins with the letter C, O, P or S

Write a weather report for your class.

Discover what lives in a pond and how to look after them.

Plant some vegetable seeds and see if you can grow some veg!

Make a home for an insect or small creature.

Find out the names of 10 countries of the world that you had not heard of before.

Go on a hunt to find some insects and small creatures.

Find out 5 ways that you can save water at home.


Make some biscuits for a charity bake sale.

Make a cake for a charity bake sale.

Ask someone who has raised money for charity about their fundraising.

Find out the name of a local charity and what they raise money for.

Ask someone for help and let someone else discover the joy of giving.

Donate some old toys or clothes to charity.

Find out the name of a charity and the cause they raise money for.

Collect some milk bottle lids and bring them to Miss Prentice for Charity.

Make something that you could sell to raise money for charity.

Tell someone about a charity that you care about.


Do some dusting.

Create a map of the school to help someone find their way around.

Help to clean up at home. 

Help to make a tasty dinner at home.

Get your own bag ready for school in the morning.

Do three things to help get ready for dinner.

Lend someone something that belongs to you.

Do something helpful at home every day for a week and keep a record.

Help to clear up after dinner.

Help to organise a cupboard at home, in your bedroom or somewhere else!


Tell a friend a joke to make them laugh.

Plan a party for a friend or relative.

Draw a picture to cheer up a friend or someone at home.

Write a poem for a friend.

Write down 5 things that make you smile.

Leave a positive message somewhere for someone to find.

Ask someone how their day is going and really listen to their reply.

Write a song for someone to show that you appreciate them.

Do something to make you happy – Being kind to ourselves means we can be kind to others!

Write a list of things that make you special – being kind to ourselves is important too!


Teach a dance to a friend.

Play a board game with a friend and help them to learn the rules.

Show your class a skill that you have for show and tell.

Find out what the green cross code is and then tell someone else!

Share a happy memory or inspiring thought with someone.

Tell someone who they would need to call if you ever encountered an emergency.

Learn to sign your name in British sign language and then teach a friend.

Find out something interesting about our local History and tell someone about it who doesn’t live in the same town as you.

Teach someone at home a song that you’ve sung at school.

Create a new game for playtime and teach your friends.

Team Spirit

Help some friends to build a den.

Walk to a local landmark.

Tell a friend why they are amazing!


Learn a new playtime game from a friend.

Compliment someone at home.

Take part in a team game or activity outside of school.

Say well done to someone for something they have done.

Send an encouraging note to someone that needs a boost.

Find out the values of another religion.

Write a motivational speech before a sports session to inspire your teammates.

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