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Year 4

Year 4


Stage 1

These are suggested tasks and other completed tasks that fit into a category are more than welcome!

Stage 2

These are suggested tasks and other completed tasks that fit into a category are more than welcome!


Go bird watching and find out the names of 3 different birds that you spotted.

Find out the definition of carbon footprint and consider what the impact of yours might be.

Find out 5 plastic things that can be recycled and find out what they get recycled into!

Find out 5 different ways that you can help to save electricity at home.

Design a ‘Save the planet’ poster.

Do something to care for the natural world.

Research 5 ways that you can help the environment.

Create a ‘save the planet’ leaflet to help people learn about the environment.

Make something that can be used to help animals.

Research how our rubbish is recycled, what happens to food and garden waste or recycling?


Find out about a local charity and one way that someone might be able to support them.

Make something for a charity bake sale.

Write a few paragraphs about someone that you know that has raised money for charity and what they did.

Visit a local museum to support their work.

How many ways can you think of to support a charity.

Donate some things to charity that you don’t use anymore.

Make a thank you card for a charity that you care about to show your gratitude.

Collect some milk bottle lids and bring them to Miss Prentice for Charity.

Ask your parents if you could add one extra thing to your food shop that you could donate to a food bank.


Help to raise money at a charity event at school or in your local area.


Clean your own shoes when they’re really muddy!

Do one job at home that will help everyone to be ready in the morning.

Help to clean up a mess that wasn’t yours.

Help to navigate a journey somewhere using a map.

Sew a button onto an item of clothing.

Find out what the country cross code is and how we can be helpful to the environment.

Do something to make life easier for someone at home.

Create a poster to help someone find out about Ongar.

Find 3 ways that you can be helpful to someone in your community.

Do one helpful thing each day for a week and keep a record of these.


Write a postcard to someone to cheer them up.

Make a thoughtful gift for someone as a surprise.

Find out five synonyms for the word kindness.

Do something kind to help in your local community.

Make a list of things that make you amazing.

Find a way how your gratitude to people that are trying to make the world a better place.

Do something to make you happy – Being kind to ourselves means we can be kind to others!

Make a collage of your qualities that make you amazing – being kind to ourselves is important too.

Find 5 ways that you can spread kindness in your local community.

Write a letter to someone you care about to show that you appreciate them!


Help a friend to practise a times table.

Help a friend to learn to tie their shoelaces.

Help a younger sibling or friend with a homework task.

Make note of a personal goal that you have and make a plan of how to reach it.

Help a friend to set themselves a goal and set one for yourself too.

Find out about the green cross code and make a poster to help educate others.

Suggest a book that you enjoyed to a friend by writing them a book review.

Help a buddy to complete a piece of writing.

Teach a friend or sibling something that you are really confident with.

Teach someone at home something that you have learnt today.

Team Spirit

Make a newsletter of school events to share with the class for show and tell.

Write a rhyme that you can use to cheer on your house.

Write a letter to someone to tell them why you appreciate them.

Find out the values and traditions of another culture.

Congratulate someone for something that might go unnoticed.

Make a list of what matters to you most.

Make a poster for a COPSA event like the Christmas Bazaar or Summer Fete.


Try to do one positive thing to support your peers each day. Keep a log for a week.

Find out about a local sports team and how they are doing in their league.

Research a professional sports team. What helps them to work as a good team?

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