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Year 6

Year 6



Stage 1

These are suggested tasks and other completed tasks that fit into a category are more than welcome!

Stage 2

These are suggested tasks and other completed tasks that fit into a category are more than welcome!


Find out some of the effects of climate change and share it with your class.

Write a speech about an area of climate change that you feel passionate about.

Recycle something at home to create a feeder for birds or bug hotel.

Find out 10 ways that you could help the environment and try to do at least 1.

Create a leaflet to help people to be more eco-friendly.

Find out 5 effects of climate change.

Write a list of suggestions of ways we can be more eco-friendly at school.

Research an endangered animal and find 3 ways that someone could help them.

Take part in a litter pick somewhere in your local area.

If you can, take a different route to school today and see if you notice anything you could do to help your environment.


Research a chosen charity and find five ways to support them.

Run a bake sale to support a charity.

Create a poster for a charity event at school.

Donate unused items, clothes or food to a local charity.

Write a few paragraphs about someone that you know that has raised money for charity and what they did.

Create your own charity idea and ‘pitch’ it to Miss Prentice.

Interview someone that has raised money for charity.

Raise some money for a local charity

Help to plan a charity event outside of school.

Write a letter to a charity to tell them what great work their doing!


Organise a litter pick of your local area.

Make a tour guide leaflet to promote our local area.

Plan and cook a meal for the people at home.

Surprise someone at home by cleaning a room for them.

Create a map of our local area to help a visitor to Ongar find their way around.

Tidy up after yourself all day!

Research a local community project and find a way to raise awareness for it.

Find a way to help a local community project.

Visit a local business and write a positive review for their website.

Plan a picnic for someone else.


Make a film for someone at home to watch to brighten their day.

Make someone at home a cup of tea at the end of the day.

Set up a random act of kindness for someone else.

Write a letter to your future self to read at the end of Year 6. To tell yourself that you’re wonderful – being kind to ourselves is important too.

Do something to make you happy – Being kind to ourselves means we can be kind to others!

Find a way to ‘pay it forward’ or support a good cause.

Find 3 photos of you doing something you love and write about them.

Plan a fun activity for the people at home or a group of friends.

Write a list of things that you are grateful for.

Find a way to spend some time supporting a local community project.


Write a story and read it to a buddy in a younger year group to inspire their writing

Take on a role of responsibility at school.

Design a wordsearch or crossword for a friend to solve using your spelling words.

Become a buddy to a younger pupil and encourage them to do something.

Design a board game and play it with a friend.

Help a younger child to learn a brand-new skill.

Write a book review for something you have read and share it with the class.

Support a younger child by helping them to achieve a goal.

Cheer someone up when they are having a difficult time and check in with them at another time too.

Teach your whole class a new skill

Team Spirit

Make a newspaper of positive world events to share with the class.

Represent a team at an out of school event.

Congratulate a friend on an achievement with a handmade card.

Write a play with your friends and perform it to your class.

Take part in a team debate.

Catch up with a friend or relative that you haven’t seen in a while.

Try something new that is out of your comfort zone!

Work with a team to make up a dance and perform it to an audience.

Make a poster for a COPSA event like the Christmas Bazaar or Summer Fete.


Create a poster or motivational speech in the run up to sports day to inspire everyone!

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