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Age requirement

13 years +

To be eligible to sign up for Snapchat, you must be at least 13 years old. This age rating is a legal requirement and therefore we do not advise that you allow your child to use this app. We are aware that your children may use your social media alongside you, and because of this, we would like to provide you with information about how to keep your children safe whilst using it. 


Snapchat is a messaging app that is popular with teenagers which allows them to share user-generated photos, texts and videos, ie ‘snaps’. Once a ‘snap’ is sent to someone else, it can last on the screen of the receiver for a matter of seconds before disappearing. There is also a feature called ‘Snapstory’ where you can put your ‘snaps’ on your ‘story’ for more than one person to see for 24 hours. 


Safety advice

There is information on safety in Snapchat’s safety centre. 

Snapchat also has guidance for parents. It explains why young people might like Snapchat, how it works and how to avail of the safety tools available. 

Safety tools

  • Blocking: When you use the blocking feature, the person you block can’t view your snaps or your Snapstory and they can’t send you snaps either.
  • Privacy settings: Only those who you add as friends can view your snaps. If someone who you haven't added sends you a snap, you will get a notification, but you have to add them as a friend to see what they sent you. You can change who can see your snaps by changing your privacy settings.  
  • Reporting: If you experience harassment, or bullying, you can report inappropriate snaps. 
  • Location: Locations in Snapchat are shown in Snap Maps, there are three options for who can see your location; only me, select friends and my friends 

Terms and conditions

Terms of use 

Privacy policies

Snapchat have community guidelines that outline what type of content is acceptable and unacceptable to snap.


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