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Wednesday January 6th

LO  To describe a setting


Complete your spellings first.

Watch the clip about the Eiffel Tower.

In your homework book or on a piece of paper draw a sketch of the Eiffel Tower- we are going to write adjectives around it.


You are then going to write a description of the Eiffel Tower on a piece of paper.

Remember to write in your neatest handwriting and take your time


1* Draw the Eiffel Tower, write 4 adjectives describing its appearance.  Imagine you are looking up at it and write three sentences describing what it looks like.  

2* Draw the Eiffel Tower, write adjectives describing its appearance.    Imagine you are looking up at it and write four sentences describing its appearance and see if you can use an expanded noun.  

3* Draw the Eiffel Tower and yourself at the top.  Imagine you are at the very top.  Write adjectives describing the Eiffel Tower and what you can see as you look down.   Write a paragraph describing the Eiffel Tower and another one describing what you can see below.  


Would you like to go up the Eiffel Tower?  Explain why or why not.

Look at the example below for each one.

The Eiffel Tower for Kids: Famous World Landmarks for Children

3 star video - view from the top

1 star example

2 star example

3 star example

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